Dehydrated Bananas 100 % Naturally Grown

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The delicious Banana. Incredible energy, helps balance blood sugar levels and high in vitamins for the perfect regular snack. Our most popular product! Blessings and Joy.


Experience our dehydrated bananas, which offer the revitalizing taste and abundant nutritional benefits of naturally grown bananas. This healthy energy booster is perfect for your outdoor pursuits, whether you’re engaged in sports, trekking, or traveling. It’s an ideal complement to your tea and a nutritious snack for young children.

Dehydrated Bananas treat mild dehydration effectively due to their high potassium content, which is often deficient during dehydration. A handful of banana chips (that’s about 1+1/2 oz) for 218 calories contains 14g fat, 14.8g sugar 1g protein, 3.2g dietary fiber
A fresh banana gets about 7 percent of its weight from water, according to the USDA.
The drying process removes about 96 percent of this water content, making dehydrated bananas a far more concentrated source of calories and nutrients than the source fruit.

Shell life :- 6 months from date of manufacture.

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