Our Philosophy Auroville Philosophy

Taste of Nature is devoted to a work of love and values the gifts of the Mother Earth. We deliver food in its natural state without any additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or sugar. We aim to provide food that’s pure, rich in natural flavor and nourishing to those who consume it.

Ours is a social enterprise that emerged from an organic farming community in the town of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. The farm is an ongoing experiment on human unity and fraternity. This non-profit enterprise is being built and supported mostly by volunteers sensitive to the issues of organic food and nature conservation.

Both the Shambhala farm and the Taste of Nature food processing unit are managed by a small group of people who farm and process food together. Already in 2013, the first seed for this adventure was planted by an Italian visitor who himself dealt in dried fruit. Seeing the waste of surplus fruit on Auroville farms, he funded the first dehydrator and encouraged us to try the technique of dehydration to preserve and enjoy our organic fruits throughout the year.

Over the years, the project has organically grown to what it is now – a team of five people who do farming and food processing together, offering their work to the land that sustains them, physically and spiritually. As farming everywhere suffers under the pressures of the global market, revenue from Taste of Nature products supports our 100% organic farming activities.