Banana Strips – Cardamom

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The incredible Banana mixed with savory Cardamon. Cardamon is a flavorful spice that brings out a delicate taste. You will be surprised by your enthusiasm for the ribbon after your first bite!


A strip is a fruit leather which is a thin layer of dehydrated fruit puree.
Cardamom and banana is a classic refreshing combination that is a feast for the senses. To make this strip cardamom seeds are ground into powder and then blend with fresh banana before drying them into strips. The result is a tasty snack that is intensely and deliciously sweet.
In India cardamom are thought to have impressive medicinal properties and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Notable among its benefits are that it helps digestion, improves blood circulation and breathing, lowering blood sugar and lowerig blood pressure.
Having a piece of ribbon, will retain the fulness of its taste, which being the bridge to the fruit energy.
As all dehydrated organic food, the concentrated taste will be persistent. For all daily need , it is an alternate, and healthy sweet snack, that gives vitality to respond to the fast lifestyle.
No preservatives, No additives, No added sugar.

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